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Switched on Schoolhouse

Postby Laurie » Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:35 pm

We used this, except for math, for 4th grade. It requires absolutely no teaching and keeps all the grades for you and averages them for each subject. There are several games they can play in each lesson and a review game at the end of each unit.

Science has several experiments in it. They are really simple, really fast experiments. Beware, it is recommended that you buy a science kit from Home Science Tools to complete the experiments. I recommend you DO NOT buy this kit. Most of the stuff you can get very easily anywhere, and you do not need most of the stuff they send in the kit.

Language Arts and History and Geography are pretty run of the mill. There is a lot of reading and several questions at the end of each lesson to answer. The answers for the fill in the blank questions have to be answered exactly or they will not get credit. If the answer is misspelled, they will not get credit. Fortunately, you do have the ability to go in and change the grade to give them partial credit if it is misspelled or full credit if it is not answered exactly as they expect it to be. There are a lot of reports and essays to write in this curriculum, which he HATED. There is also a term paper at the end of Language Arts, which we have not gotten to yet, but I know he is going to buck me on that.

You can also make several student accounts, so I had my own account and would go in and do the assignments before he did so I knew what he was doing if he had any questions.

All in all, he got bored with it. Honestly, I think he would be bored with anything. He just doesn't like "school work." I thought I might change it up some next year and try a couple of different curriculums.

Hope this helps anyone who may be looking into SOS.

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