Time4Learning is an award-winning online education program that uses multimedia activities to teach standards-based curriculum. It is a popular homeschool curriculum, afterschool tutorial, summer skill sharpener and test preparation tool.

Time4Learning online homeschool curriculum combines education with interactive fun. Animated lessons, interactive activities, printable worksheets and detailed reporting make the learning system fun and convenient.

Some parents use Time4Learning as supplementary, others use Time4Learning as the primary homeschooling curriculum as education on the computer. Time4Learning helps parents build interesting, diverse days. By shifting from computer-based lessons to discussion, or from paper and pencil exercises to art projects, homeschooled students stay engaged and benefit from different teaching methods.

Variety keeps students motivated and attentive throughout the day. Today's families have many choices for homeschool education: different curriculum, websites, programs, lessons, assessments, and worksheets. The Time4Learning online learning system combines interactive lessons, multimedia reinforcement activities, printable worksheets, learning games, and assessments with reports into one homeschool curriculum. Homeschooling parents across the country are using it enthusiastically, teaching on the computer.

And now Time4Learning has announced the Time4Learning High School Curriculum just in time for the new homeschool year! Time4Learning's high school curriculum is organized into courses covering Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Economics. The activities consist of multimedia lessons, instructional videos, printable worksheets, quizzes, tests and both online and offline projects focused on helping students achieve college and career readiness.